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Starfish Tattoos

40+ Dazzling Starfish Tattoos: Designs, Meanings, And Best Placements

Starfish are marine, exquisite creatures that belong to the fascinating, still unknown undersea world. Since they look amazing and have a substantial symbolic value, starfish tattoos have increased popularity among body art enthusiasts. These designs are suitable for each gender, and they work excellently in black and white and as watercolor tattoos. The starfish symbols … Read more

Palm Tree Tattoo

40+ Best Tropical Palm Tree Tattoos: The Inked Trip To Sun Paradise

Close your eyes and think about your best holiday ever. Can you already feel the glazing sun, the cool breeze running through your hair, the glittery sea? Well, what could miss from this landscape other than some perfectly looking palm trees? Their leaves trembling, the shadow they do, you sitting under their leaves, what could … Read more

Inkbox Vs. Henna

Inkbox Vs. Henna: What’s The Difference?

Inkbox, a temporary tattoo brand, has been all the buzz in the past few years. Teenagers and adults are going wild over the incredible Inxbox tattoos, especially with the rise of TikTok trends regarding quick and easy tattoos, that requires almost no commitment. However, despite the success and proven quality of the Inkbox product, some … Read more

Tattooing Process: How Tattoos Work (9 Steps)

With the increase of tattoos in the country, it is safe to say that almost every person has at least one tattoo. The reason for such a spike in tattoo appointments lies in the fact that tattoos aren’t a taboo topic anymore. Before, body art was generally associated with something of a negative connotation; like … Read more

Alien Tattoo

70+ Best Alien Tattoo Ideas: Mystic Ink Designs For 2021

If you are looking for a stellar vibe for your body art pieces, as well as an awesome tattoo that expresses your galactic love, then pin this article. Today is about some inspiring alien ink representations that will make you look outstanding. People are going insane when it comes to paranormal worlds, and they have … Read more

Evil Eye Tattoo

Top 30 Meaningful Evil Eye Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Evil eye tattoos are some of the most and easily recognizable ones. You’ll enjoy them yourself if you get informed about their meaning, culture, as well as symbolism. Keep on reading and find your next and best evil eye tattoo idea concept down below that will suit you, especially if you are a picky person … Read more