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how to email a tattoo artist

Etiquette For Contacting a Tattoo Artist: How To Email the Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo artists are super busy, and that is generally well known. So, between the tattooing sessions, design creation, client consultation, and overall preparation for tattooing, tattoo artists have little to almost no time to read potential client emails. But, when they do, there are a few things or rather information they want to have right … Read more

Behind The Ear Tattoos: How Much Do They Really Hurt?

One of the main reasons the majority of people stay away from tattoos is the pain issue; every tattoo, regardless of where it is placed or how talented and careful the tattoo artist is, will cause a certain amount of pain, or at least discomfort. Sure, the pain levels are an individual thing; not everybody … Read more

Male Celebrities With the Best Tattoos

Top 8 Male Celebrities With the Best Tattoos

So, you’ve decided to get a tattoo and now you’re looking for a design inspiration. What better way to search for the perfect tattoo design than checking out what our favorite celebrities are going for when it comes to getting inked. Let’s be honest; some celebrities have exceptional taste when it comes to tattoo designs. … Read more

Female Female Celebrities With TattoosWith

Female Celebrities With The Best Tattoos (2022 Updated)

Let’s be real; whenever we want a new tattoo, we tend to look for celeb tattoos for inspiration. Or, sometimes we see a celebrity with a super cool tattoo and we want to get the same one in an instant. And, that’s okay. Other people’s tattoos have served as inspiration for our own tattoos for … Read more

What Is a Tattoo Ink Sack

What Is a Tattoo Ink Sack: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s see; you just got a tattoo, and you’ve got a lot of questions to ask, but no one to really answer them? Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got all the answers right here just for you. We have to be honest; questions like, ‘what is a tattoo ink sack?’ are super common and almost … Read more