12 Best Tattoo Shops in Dallas 2023 (Location, Reviews, And Services)

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Dallas is known for the Cowboys, museums, beautiful skyline, and more. As a commercial and cultural hub of the region, Dallas has a lot to offer including a wide selection of tattoo shops. Indeed, tattoo shops in Dallas show how creative people of this city truly are. Through the ultimate guide below you’ll get to see the best tattoo shops in Dallas.

12 Best Dallas Tattoo Shops

When it comes to body art, the choice of a tattoo shop is crucial. Your opinion about the new ink, or the very first tattoo on the body, depends entirely on the choices you make regarding the tattoo shop and artist.

The good news is that Dallas has amazing tattoo shops for you to choose from. Talented artists can turn your tattoo idea into reality. Scroll down to see the best tattoo parlors in the city of Dallas. Check out their descriptions and you’ll find the one that meets your needs and preferences the most.

1. Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company

Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company 1
Credit: @dallastattooandarts
Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company 2
Credit: @dallastattooandarts
Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company 3

Website: https://www.dallastattooandarts.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DallasTattooArts/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dallastattooandarts/

Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company, located on the border of Downtown and Deep Ellum in historic 7up Lofts, was established in 2013. The tattoo shop focuses on quality and firmly believes it’s a must, not an option.

Talented tattoo artists from different parts of the world provide their services to clients at Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company. They particularly specialize in custom-designed art unique to the collector.

Dallas Tattoo Shop& Arts Company was voted Best Studio in Dallas in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 by Dallas Awards Program.

The interior of this tattoo parlor has a classy style and unique feel that also acts as a gallery displaying works of tattoo art by different artists.

Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company is all about fine art and custom tattoos, but it’s also a street boutique that makes them a one-stop lifestyle studio for tattoo lovers.

The tattoo shop allows appointments and walk-ins alike. The studio minimum is $100.

2. Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art

Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art 1
Credit: @golddusttattoos
Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art 2
Credit: @golddusttattoos
Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art 3
Credit: @golddusttattoos

Website: http://www.golddusttattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/golddusttattoo/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/golddusttattoos/

Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art was founded in 2013, but it didn’t take long for this studio to become popular for its quality of work and talented artists from Dallas. Located in 1902 Greenville Ave Dallas this custom tattoo studio works with walk-ins and appointments alike.

The official website of Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art allows you to take a virtual tour of the studio by clicking here.

The studio prides itself in employing some of the best tattoo artists in the city and you can see their work on the shop’s website. Besides a portfolio showcasing their previous work, the artist page also lists the style preferences of each artist.

It’s safe to say they have versatile styles ranging from black and grey realism to color realism and original designs, watercolor, you name it. In addition to original tattoos from scratch, artists at this studio also do cover-ups. So, if you’re not satisfied with your current tattoo, you know where to go to transform it into something else.

Shop minimum is $80.

3. Cat Tattoo Company

Cat Tattoo Company 3
Credit: @cattattoodotcom
Cat Tattoo Company 2
Credit: @cattattoodotcom
Cat Tattoo Company 1
Credit: @cattattoodotcom

Website: https://cattattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cattattooTX/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cattattoodotcom/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYgkKL0xa0k4M5vaBY-oZHw

Cat Tattoo prides itself on being the very first actual custom tattoo parlor in Dallas. The studio has been in this business is for 17 years and continues to provide the highest quality in ink, piercings, and laser tattoo removal. Cat Tattoo is located in Addison, the immediate north of the city.

They have become an iconic tattoo studio with a massive social media fan base of about 31k on Instagram only.

Some artists at Cat Tattoos take appointments only whereas others do both (appointments and walk-ins). You have the option to email the studio or each artist individually through the Contact section on their website.

Talented artists specialize in different types of styles including traditional, black and grey, realism, neo-traditional, and more.

Cat Tattoo also sells prints of original art by their artists and tattoo art books from their staff.

4. Lone Star Tattoo

Lone Star Tattoo 1
Credit: @lonestartattoodallastexas
Lone Star Tattoo 2
Credit: @lonestartattoodallastexas
Lone Star Tattoo 3
Credit: @lonestartattoodallastexas

Website: https://lonestartattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lonestartattoodallastexas/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lonestartattoodallastexas/

Established in 2005, Lone Star Tattoo is everything you’d want the typical U.S. tattoo studio to look like. Located on Preston Road, Lone Star Tattoo has award-winning tattoo artists with impressive skills. The founder, Scott Cooksey, started tattooing in 1995 and has extensive experience that makes him one of the best tattoo artists in the city.

Artists at this studio are particularly specialized in styles such as American traditional tattoo, neo-traditional, Japenese irezumi, black and grey, illustrative, and Texas-style tattooing. However, if you want a piece of body art that isn’t listed among their services they can do it as well.

While Lone Star Tattoo welcomes walk-ins, they do recommend calling to check for availability. They prefer appointments primarily because walk-ins are handled on a first come first served basis.

Useful blog section displays the latest news about the shop but also delivers other useful information you may want to know such.

5. Cedar Springs Tattoo

Cedar Springs Tattoo 1
Credit: @cedar_springs_tattoo
Cedar Springs Tattoo 2
Credit: @cedar_springs_tattoo
Cedar Springs Tattoo 3
Credit: @cedar_springs_tattoo

Website: https://www.cedarspringstattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CedarSpringsTattoo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cedar_springs_tattoo/

Cedar Springs Tattoo was established in 2015 and it’s a place that gathers some of the best tattooers in this industry. They go by the motto “Clean, classic, and custom” which motivates them to provide optimal service for collectors and first-timers alike.

Their artists specialize in different styles such as American traditional, geometric, neo-traditional, fine line, Japanese, black and grey, among others.

Polite and friendly artists help you relax, especially if you’re nervous about the very first piece of ink on your body.

Walk-ins are welcome in Cedar Springs Tattoo, but appointments are preferred.

The shop minimum is $80 unless the tattoo is on the face, hands, or neck. If you want to get a tattoo on these specific body parts the shop minimum is $100. Artists charge $150 per hour for larger-scale projects.

6. Elm Street Tattoo

Elm Street Tattoo 1
Credit: @elmstreettattoo
Elm Street Tattoo 2
Credit: @elmstreettattoo
Elm Street Tattoo 3
Credit: @elmstreettattoo

Website: http://www.elmstreettattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElmStreetTattoo/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elmstreettattoo/

Elm Street Tattoo opened its doors back in 1996 and it’s all thanks to a group of friends interesting in creating a tattoo shop that beats all others in terms of quality. What you can immediately learn from their website is that Elm Street Tattoo isn’t the type of place that cashes in on the latest trends.

They put their heart and soul into creating amazing tattoos, regardless of whether you have an appointment or walk-in. Located in Elm street, the studio has a shop minimum of $60 unless you want a tattoo on your face, neck, and hands. These come with a $100 shop minimum.

Tattoo artists are friendly, professional, and talented. They specialize in American traditional tattoo as well as other designs and their works are displayed on the official website of the shop.

Besides standard staff, Elm Street Tattoo often brings guests, artists, from different parts of the world. Additionally, the studio often hosts events such as music festivals and tattoo conventions.

7. Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Lamar Street Tattoo Club 1
Credit: @tattoosonlamar
Lamar Street Tattoo Club 2
Credit: @tattoosonlamar
Lamar Street Tattoo Club 3
Credit: @tattoosonlamar

Website: https://lamarstreettattooclub.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tattoosonlamar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tattoosonlamar/

Lamar Street Tattoo Club was founded in 2013 under a different name – J. Hall & Co. Back then, it was just a one-man shop, but two years later, in 2015, they expanded to accommodate four artists.

Situated in Lamar Street in Dallas, this tattoo studio is known for its expertise. Recently, they’ve been voted the best tattoo shop in Dallas and best tattoo artists in Dallas.

They offer clean, bright, and bold custom tattooing in all styles. Additionally, Lamar Street Tattoo Club artists also offer cover-ups and laser tattoo removal. The store minimum is $100.

Like many other tattoo shops, they accept walk-ins but prefer if you book an appointment.

8. Dallas Tattoo

Dallas Tattoo 1
Credit: @dallastattoo
Dallas Tattoo 2
Credit: @dallastattoo
Dallas Tattoo 3
Credit: @dallastattoo

Website: https://www.dallastattoo.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/addisontattoo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dallastattoo/

Dallas Tattoo is located in Midway Road and it has been in this business since 2010. Co-owners Travis Chick and Kayden Digiovanni gathered a wonderful team of artists that made this studio one of the best elite tattoo shops in the area.

Clients generally love the quality of tattoos and appreciate the clean studio. Their artists are helpful, answer all the questions and concerns, and prioritize quality rather than hurrying to get the “job” over with.

Although Dallas Tattoo accepts walk-ins, Sundays and Mondays are appointment-only.

Whether you want a simple and delicate tattoo or an elaborate design Dallas Tattoo can help you out.

9. Davis Street Tattoo

Davis Street Tattoo 1
Credit: @davisstreettattoo
Davis Street Tattoo 2
Credit: @davisstreettattoo
Davis Street Tattoo 3
Credit: @davisstreettattoo

Website: https://davisstreettattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davisstreettattoo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davisstreettattoo/

Davis Street Tattoo was founded in 2014 and you can find it in the historic North Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. The studio specializes in custom work with an emphasis on American traditional tattoo, Japanese-influenced ink, and black and grey styles.

The founder, Mark Thompson, has been tattooing since 1994. His experience and passion for tattooing is the driving force of this studio. He gathered a great team of artists.

Dallas Observed named Davis Street Tattoo the Best Tattoo Shop.

What clients love about this studio is its cleanliness, inviting interior, friendly and talented artists, and more. There’s also plenty of things to look at while you’re getting tattooed.

Scheduling an appointment is easy – their contact section contains a form you need to complete and that’s it.

10. Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio

Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @legacyartstattoo
Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @legacyartstattoo
Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio 3
Credit: @legacyartstattoo

Website: http://legacyartstattoo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LegacyArtsTattoo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/legacyartstattoo/

Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio is a versatile, award-winning custom tattoo studio with a great team of experienced and diverse tattoo artists. The tattoo shop was established in 2011. Their artists can give you a great tattoo regardless of the style. Whether you want a colorful ink or black and grey or realism tattoo, they can do it with ease.

You can find this studio at different locations in Dallas: Coit, Midway, and Addison.

The artists from this studio accept appointments and walk-ins alike. Clients praise down-to-earth and polite artists who focus on every detail to give them tattoos they imagined. The place is clean and oozes artsy and creative vibes.

11. Stainless Studios

Stainless Studios 1
Credit: @stainlesstattoostudios
Stainless Studios 2
Credit: @stainlesstattoostudios
Stainless Studios 3
Credit: @stainlesstattoostudios

Website: http://stainlesstattoostudios.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stainlessstudios/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stainlesstattoostudios/

Stainless Studio was founded in 2009 and you can find it at 101 S Munger Boulevard. It all started with the idea to provide the most and most creative tattoos to those who need them.

The award-winning artists specialize in styles such as American traditional, neo-traditional, lettering, Japanese, portraits, black and grey, color realism, fine line, and new school work.

What clients love about this place are friendly artists and their expertise. They also appreciate good hygiene practices. First-timers feel comfortable, even if they were incredibly nervous before coming to the studio for their appointment.

Besides tattoos, the studio also offers piercings and microblading services.

12. Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio 1
Credit: @urbanstattoo
Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio 2
Credit: @urbanstattoo
Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio 3
Credit: @urbanstattoo

Website: https://urbanstattoostudio.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbantattoostudio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanstattoo/

Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio is located in two locations in Arlington, belonging to the part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan statistical area.

The studio won the 2014 Best Tattoo and Piercing award by Dallas A-List.

Artists from Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio specialize in a custom tattoo, American traditional, realism, lettering, portrait, black and white, coloring, and other styles. The whole studio offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where you can feel comfortable while waiting for your appointment or getting tattooed.

In addition to tattoos and piercings, the studio also does cover-ups regardless of the size of an unsightly tattoo.

Walk-ins are always welcome, but the artists prefer appointments and you can just give them a call by dialing the number on their website.

Clients appreciate how talented and steady-handed the artists are.

Urban Tattoo & Piercing studio proves to be a great choice for collectors and first-timers alike.

Booking an Appointment vs Walk-ins

You have probably noticed some tattoo shops in Dallas accept both appointments and walk-ins, but some places may prioritize one over the other. Before you go on and get a tattoo it’s useful to know a few things about appointments and walk-ins i.e. what’s better for you. This is especially the case if you’re about to get your very first piece of body art.


A tattoo appointment is like any other appointment you book – you contact the tattoo shop in Dallas and schedule your visit. Many tattoo studios, actually, prefer appointments. It’s not uncommon for some studios to designate a day or two a week for appointments only and do not accept walk-ins during that time.

It’s just a tattoo, why would I need an appointment?

Well, small and delicate tattoos do not require a lot of time, but if you want a custom design or a large tattoo then you definitely need to book an appointment.

Scheduling an appointment with a tattoo shop, or a specific artist gives you the chance to discuss the whole process in detail. If you don’t have a specific tattoo artist in mind, during the appointment you get the best person for the job.

The appointment also means a tattoo artist can dedicate all their time to you and your tattoo for the best possible results. No rushing, no mistakes. They can focus and get into detail.

Keep in mind tattoo shops require a deposit for appointments. It’s usually about $100, but it may vary from one place to another. If you aren’t able to come for your appointment, you need to notify the shop or a specific tattoo artist 24 hours in advance.


Walk-ins do not require an appointment. You just go to the tattoo shop and the first available artist gives you a tattoo. Shops usually go by the first come, first served approach.

But, you won’t get an elaborate tattoo or custom design this way. Walk-ins are most suitable for small and delicate tattoos which don’t require a lot of time. Why small tattoos only? The reason is simple – elaborate designs may require multiple sessions, and you need an appointment for them.

It’s useful to mention many tattoo shops have flash designs you can check out and choose to have them inked on a specific area. But make sure not to ask for edits, if you are on a tight budget. Edits are charged.

What’s better?

A specific answer here doesn’t exist. Appointments are better for large tattoos and custom designs. Walk-ins are suitable for persons who want to get a small or delicate tattoo which can be done quickly. Sometimes you have to wait, though, and for many persons, that’s not the favorite thing. So, the best way to get a tattoo immediately is to call the studio and check for availability. Bear in mind that many studios go by the “no mask, no service” policy still, so you should have your mask prepared or get informed about COVID-19 guidelines beforehand.

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