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What Happens To Tattoos When You Gain Muscle

What Happens To Tattoos When You Gain Muscle?

Getting a tattoo isn’t just a fun way to change your appearance and do something exciting. A tattoo becomes a part of your body and it is a piece of art that will last you a lifetime. Sure, unless you opt for laser removal, the tattoo will be there, permanently. During the time of your … Read more

Mountain Tattoo

Mountain Tattoos: Symbolism And 40+ Best Design Ideas For 2021

Nature, especially mountains, has been a source of inspiration for numerous artists for hundreds of years. The symbol of a mountain, as this constant, immovable, yet everchanging and almost spiritual place, has remained even nowadays. People will be forever inspired by the massive peaks and heights, nature, and the habitat of wildlife. That is why … Read more

Tattoos That Symbolize Peace

30+ Tattoos That Symbolize Peace (2021 Updated)

Are you someone who loves to show off your peaceful side? Do you feel like you’ve been struggling lately to come at peace with yourself? A lot of people love to show their sentimental side through different & unique tattoo ideas. If you stand for peace & uniqueness, as well as deep bliss and pure … Read more

Eagle Tattoo Designs

30+ Best Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas (And What They Mean)

Eagle tattoos are gorgeous ideas. Are you a fan of bird tattoos in general? This article will shed some light upon these phenomenal animals. Keep on reading and find your inspiration down below, ideal for guys and girls who can’t wait to decorate their skin with some phenomenal bird ideas. 4 Things You Need To … Read more


60+ Tattoos Which Symbolize Freedom (2021 Updated)

Freedom tattoos are important to the wearer, no matter what design symbolizes freedom to you. Freedom can be symbolized through many different tattoo designs. A freedom tattoo can be a fantastic way to show the world you have broken free from your past. It can also represent that you have overcome hardships and can finally … Read more

3D Tattoo

50+ Best 3D Tattoo Designs. Meanings, Ideas, and Techniques

3D tattoos are more and more popular among today’s generation, and it’s normal, as the style of these body art pieces is unique. The technique used by the artists consists of creating the illusion that the drawing is part of your skin. Another way to make this kind of design is to give the impression … Read more

Tattoos Which Symbolize Hope

17 Tattoos Which Symbolize Hope

Hope is one of the most powerful things on the planet. Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain event, thing or sentiment to happen. Hope can be applied to so many different life events from love and friendship, to going on vacation or career goals. Hope means something different to each … Read more

Can You Use Pen Ink For Stick-and-Poke Tattoo

Can You Use Pen Ink For Stick-and-Poke Tattoo?

Also known as hand-poked or machine-free tattoos, stick-and-poke tattoos have mostly been associated with the underground culture and tattoo community for a long time. These tattoos have always been straightforward, with simple and minimal designs. Even nowadays, the stick-and-poke tattoo tends to be simplistic and minimal. However, some tattoo artists do range their tattoos from … Read more

12 Best Tattoo Shops in Denver

12 Best Tattoo Shops in Denver 2021(Location, Reviews, And Services)

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is home to numerous museums, landmark 19th-century buildings, modern architectural works of art, and many other places to see. The Mile High City is also home to tons of tattoo shops. Whether you live in Denver or you just happened to be there and feel like getting a tattoo, you’re … Read more

Airplane Tattoo

33 Best Airplane Tattoos Design Ideas (Forearm, Collarbone and Finger )

Airplane tattoos are pretty common and popular among travelers, bloggers, as well as men and women as equally. Are you someone who wants to get a chic & trendy airplane tattoo? Thinking about making it a statement on your body? Explore your options and enjoy different colorful & monochrome plane tattoo ideas down below! 4 … Read more