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Mental Health Tattoo

30+ Mental Health Tattoo Symbol && Ideas For Both Men And Women (Semicolon, Phoenix, Butterfly, Lotus, Koi Fish )

Content warning: The following text contains a discussion about suicide and information some readers may find triggering or distressing. We urge you to call your local suicide prevention hotline for help, support, or immediate assistance. Here’s a list of all international suicide prevention hotlines you can contact for emergency assistance or immediate help and counseling. … Read more

Why Are Tattoos So Expensive

Why Are Tattoos So Expensive? The Main Reasons Tattoo Cost Varies Between Several Digits

Getting a tattoo can be difficult, especially if we’re talking about your first time getting inked. However, generally speaking, it is a pretty straightforward process of finding a good tattoo artist, choosing a design for your tattoo, and of course, going through the tattooing process. However, one thing people often consider the most struggling factor … Read more

how to email a tattoo artist

Etiquette For Contacting a Tattoo Artist: How To Email the Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo artists are super busy, and that is generally well known. So, between the tattooing sessions, design creation, client consultation, and overall preparation for tattooing, tattoo artists have little to almost no time to read potential client emails. But, when they do, there are a few things or rather information they want to have right … Read more

Behind The Ear Tattoos: How Much Do They Really Hurt?

One of the main reasons the majority of people stay away from tattoos is the pain issue; every tattoo, regardless of where it is placed or how talented and careful the tattoo artist is, will cause a certain amount of pain, or at least discomfort. Sure, the pain levels are an individual thing; not everybody … Read more