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75 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas for Inspiration

Deciding on a tattoo is only half the task – placement matters too! But should you go for that spot inside your hip or be brave with an ankle tatt? Deciding the placement of your tattoo is not something to decide on a whim. In our ultimate guide to tattoo placement, you’ll find a check … Read more

Are Neck Tattoos A Bad Idea

Are Neck Tattoos A Bad Idea?

Choosing to get a neck tattoo is a pretty big deal. Neck tattoos are generally very visible. The only place where tattoos are more visible than the neck is the face. So, we understand when a lot of people tend to question their decision about getting a tattoo right on their neck. And, if you’re … Read more

White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin, saved tattoo, feature

White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin: 20+ Best Design Ideas

In the past few years, white ink tattoos have gained a whole new level of popularity. Some people get inked as a memory while some have them to show off their personality and get that elegant and stylish look. White tattoos are different from dark tattoos in almost every possible way. Also, today, tattoos are … Read more

Sugar Skull Tattoos, saved tattoo

Sugar Skull And Calavera Tattoo: Meaning and Design Ideas

Finding the perfect design for a new tattoo is always difficult. You want something that will look amazing, but also carry a deeper meaning and even cultural association. Well, if you’re looking for such a tattoo, you’re at the right place. A sugar skull or Calavera tattoo might be the right choice for you. The … Read more

Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

25 Best Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

Your favorite character can look amazing in a tattoo form! Are you a fan of the Joker himself? Everyone knows about his witty smile, determined look, as well as unforgettable quotes. Do you want to show your love for the movie with the best tattoo? A Joker tattoo can have either a straightforward meaning and … Read more

Tattooing Over A Scar

Tattooing Over A Scar: Everything You Need To Know

Scars are something a lot of people deal with in their silence. Some scars can carry positive memories, but in the majority of cases, they are a reminder of a negative experience. And many people want to get rid of such reminders. However, getting rid of a scar is extremely difficult. So, concealing a scar … Read more

Panda tattoo

30 Amazing Panda Tattoo Design Ideas

Panda tattoo designs are just some of the most creative and wholesome tattoos that you can go for. They are beautiful, sentimental, as well as perfect for everyone, no matter your age or gender. They also have a deep and pure symbolism, which makes them perfect for you if you want to tell a story … Read more

Teardrop tattoo meaning

What Does The Teardrop Tattoo Mean?

Teardrop tattoos can often be seen in TV shows, celebrities, and even some criminal stories. However, their meaning and origin have a much deeper history than shown in pop culture. The teardrop tattoos are most commonly found on the face, near one of the eyes, and sometimes both. The teardrop tattoo has been controversial for … Read more

Clock Tattoo Meaning

What Does Clock Tattoo Mean?

We invented clocks to be able to keep track of time and help us plan all the obligations throughout the day and night. However, with the modernization and the normalization of tattoos, clock tattoos became quite popular. There are a lot of different tattoo meanings that are easily comparable to clocks. Some of those meanings … Read more

Why Isn’t My Tattoo Peeling: 6 Things You MUST Know

One of the best feelings in the world is going through all the pain and discomfort, and finally leaving the tattoo shop with a new piece of fresh ink. However, that amazing feeling is always followed by one of the worst ones; going through the aftercare. Aftercare and the very aftermath of tattooing is a … Read more