Are Tattoos Illegal in Japan

Are Tattoos Illegal in Japan? (A Guide to Visiting Japan With Tattoos)

Because in the USA (and other countries in the West) tattoos are completely legal and normalized, it can be easy to forget that other countries and cultures of the world may have a different stance on body art. Generally speaking, in almost every part of the world tattoos were considered forbidden, illegal, associated with crime, … Read more

Maori Tattoo

Maori Tattoos: A Detailed Insight Into Cultural Background and Meaning of Maori Tattoos

Getting to know the history of specific tattoos is essential in one’s research for the perfect tattoo design. The origin of a tattoo, its cultural and historic background, as well as meaning can truly affect one’s decision, especially when it comes to cultural appropriation and similar issues regarding cultural tattoos. Maori tattoos are some of … Read more

Tattoo history

History of Tattoos in American, Japan, Africa, India, Euro (A Brief Insight && Interesting Info For Your ‘Fun Facts’ Collection)

From the prehistoric era, tattooing has been around for different kinds of reasons, applications, and purposes. It is claimed that tattooing has existed since 12,000 BC as something practiced around the world. The word ‘tattoo’ is even traced etymologically to the Tahitian words ‘tatu’, or ‘tatau’, which mean ‘to mark’, or ‘ to strike’. Now, … Read more

Snake Tattoo Meaning

Snake Tattoo Meaning: Every Culture Has a Unique Outlook and Perception

So, you’re looking for some inspiration for your new tattoo? Well, if you’re having a bit of a struggle with a final choice, we truly understand you. Unless you have something particular and specific in mind, it can be hard to boil down your decision to only one design when there are so many interesting … Read more

Norse Tattoo to avoid

Looking for Tattoo Inspiration? Avoid There Norse Tattoos (2023 Updated)

Getting a new tattoo can be a difficult process, especially if you’re looking for design inspiration in foreign cultures. Sometimes, people want to show off their appreciation of a certain culture by going for its traditional symbols as a tattoo design. But, this is usually where things get tricky. Sometimes, certain cultural symbols are only … Read more

Why Are Tattoos Considered Unprofessional

Why Are Tattoos Considered Unprofessional?

Whether you’ve got plenty of tattoos or are thinking about getting inked for the first time, we bet you’ve heard “oh you’ll struggle to get a job with those” from at least one person. It’s annoying, to say the least. You want to decorate your body with deeply meaningful and personal designs, so it’s none … Read more

Tattoo Convention

How Do Tattoo Conventions Work: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting a Tattoo Convention

Tattoo convention is a meeting of tattoo enthusiasts and practitioners, where visitors can get familiar with certain tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and experience the world of tattooing up close. At the convention, visitors can buy tattoo-related items, or even get tattooed by available tattoo artists, on-site. Overall, tattoo conventions are a staple in the tattoo … Read more

Walk In Tattoo

Walk In Tattoo: Can I Get One And What Do I Need To Know?

If you don’t know what a walk-in tattoo is, here’s a rough explanation. A walk-in tattoo means that you go to a tattoo studio, without an appointment, and get a tattoo the same day. This seems pretty self-explanatory and trivial, so many wonder what’s so special about a walk-in tattoo. Well, things aren’t always as … Read more

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos: History Insight And 60+ Incredible Design Ideas

Tattooing has historically been a common practice in all indigenous people around the world. For these people, tattooing isn’t just body art, but rather a deep-rooted tradition that is, unfortunately, dying out in the modern-day and age. Traditional tattooing is nowadays boiled down to tribal designs that many people don’t even know the meaning of, … Read more

Tattooing and Cultural Appropriation

Tattooing and Cultural Appropriation: Why Your Tattoo Might Be Problematic

Nowadays, it seems like everybody’s got a tattoo. Studies show that between 30% and 40% of all Americans have at least one tattoo. The percentage of people having two or more tattoos has increased in the past decade. Tattoos have become completely normal, and an undeniable part of self-expression in the modern-day and age. But, … Read more