Norse Tattoo to avoid

Looking for Tattoo Inspiration? Avoid There Norse Tattoos (2022 Updated)

Getting a new tattoo can be a difficult process, especially if you’re looking for design inspiration in foreign cultures. Sometimes, people want to show off their appreciation of a certain culture by going for its traditional symbols as a tattoo design. But, this is usually where things get tricky. Sometimes, certain cultural symbols are only … Read more

Why Are Tattoos Considered Unprofessional

Why Are Tattoos Considered Unprofessional?

Whether you’ve got plenty of tattoos or are thinking about getting inked for the first time, we bet you’ve heard “oh you’ll struggle to get a job with those” from at least one person. It’s annoying, to say the least. You want to decorate your body with deeply meaningful and personal designs, so it’s none … Read more

Tattoo Convention

How Do Tattoo Conventions Work: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting a Tattoo Convention

Tattoo convention is a meeting of tattoo enthusiasts and practitioners, where visitors can get familiar with certain tattoo shops, tattoo artists, and experience the world of tattooing up close. At the convention, visitors can buy tattoo-related items, or even get tattooed by available tattoo artists, on-site. Overall, tattoo conventions are a staple in the tattoo … Read more

Walk In Tattoo

Walk In Tattoo: Can I Get One And What Do I Need To Know?

If you don’t know what a walk-in tattoo is, here’s a rough explanation. A walk-in tattoo means that you go to a tattoo studio, without an appointment, and get a tattoo the same day. This seems pretty self-explanatory and trivial, so many wonder what’s so special about a walk-in tattoo. Well, things aren’t always as … Read more

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos: History Insight And 60+ Incredible Design Ideas

Tattooing has historically been a common practice in all indigenous people around the world. For these people, tattooing isn’t just body art, but rather a deep-rooted tradition that is, unfortunately, dying out in the modern-day and age. Traditional tattooing is nowadays boiled down to tribal designs that many people don’t even know the meaning of, … Read more

Tattooing and Cultural Appropriation

Tattooing and Cultural Appropriation: Why Your Tattoo Might Be Problematic

Nowadays, it seems like everybody’s got a tattoo. Studies show that between 30% and 40% of all Americans have at least one tattoo. The percentage of people having two or more tattoos has increased in the past decade. Tattoos have become completely normal, and an undeniable part of self-expression in the modern-day and age. But, … Read more

Golden Tattoo Ink

Golden Tattoo Ink: A Real Deal or a False Claim?

We can all agree that the golden tattoos we see on social media look amazing. And, they seem to be the perfect summer accessory as well. If you’re reading this, chances are you want a golden tattoo yourself, and who wouldn’t? These look exceptional. But, are they too good to be true? In the following … Read more

Tattoo Colors Everything You Need to Know

Tattoo Colors: Everything You Need to Know

Tattoos have gone from being something associated with soldier and sailors to becoming modern pieces of art. Tattoos now come in countless different styles, with limitless designs and a wide variety of colors. The type of color, shading and tones will vary depending on the tattoo design, tattoo artist and tattoo style. Whether you want … Read more

Tattoo Statistics and Interesting Facts

Tattoo Statistics and Interesting Facts: Everything You Need To Know About Tattoos!

For hundreds of years, tattooing has been one of the main ways of self-expression, expression of status in society, a showcase of one’s history and experience, or cultural and artistic interest. Even nowadays tattoos are the main media of body art across the world’s cultures, achieving mainstream status. Tattooing in its etymology stands for ‘marking … Read more

Tattoo Guide

Best Tattoo You’ll Love in 2021 (Everything You Need to Know)

A tattoo can mean a lot – or it can mean nothing at all. Besides being deeply personal, tattoos are extraordinary works of art and have some interesting history behind them. In this ultimate tattoo guide, we’re introducing you to the entire concept. From the basics of tattooing, to tattoo designs, to tattoo removal. Whether … Read more