Forearm Tattoo

60+ Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas: Ultimate Guide (2021 Updated)

Forearm tattoos are one of the most common tattoos are there is a good reason for this. The area is easily visible, allowing you to showcase your designs. The flat expanse of skin will allow you to choose from a variety of designs. Here are some of our favorite forearm tattoos designs and where they … Read more

Calf Tattoo

Top 30 Calf Tattoo Design Ideas (And The Meanings Behind Them)

Calf tattoos can be anything and everything that you imagine! How creative are you and what is your imagination like? If you’re someone who appreciates subtle art and you don’t want overpowering tattoos you will appreciate calf designs. Here, we will list 30 different tattoos and we will talk about each meaning and different options … Read more

Sexy Tattoo Women

100 Sexy Tattoo Design Ideas for Women (2021 Updated!)

A tattoo is sexy. No matter what kind of woman you are, whether you’re the feminine, girly on-trend kind of woman, or the boss lady who takes no prisoners (or any other kind) there’s a tattoo ready to match. Celebrating and honoring your body with sexy tattoo art is a brilliant idea. In this guide, … Read more

King Kong Tattoo

Top 30 King Kong Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Have you ever thought about getting a King Kong tattoo? This scary monster is quite common and practical among those who love to read comics, watch movies, read books, or those who have watched the latest movie “Godzilla VS Kong”! Are you one of those guys, or what is your connection with King Kong? A … Read more

Turtle Tattoo

50+ Top Turtle Tattoo Designs: The Symbolism Behind Turtle Body Art

Some people would think that turtles have unique meanings, and their symbolism is simple. Individuals know that these slow-moving sea creatures are usually protected by law due to their uniqueness in moving, living, and surviving challenging environments. While some of you would keep turtles as pets, others would only admire their look and understand the … Read more

Yin Yang Tattoo

Top 30 Meaningful Yin Yang Tattoo Design Ideas

Do you believe in the power of yin and yang? Have you ever heard of it before? Most people worldwide believe that this concept can make up for an amazing tattoo idea. Yin and Yang speak about the attraction and force between two different personalities, two different souls, as well as different and opposite personas. … Read more

Semicolon Tattoo

Top 34 Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas (And The Meanings Behind Them)

Are you an artist, a writer, or simply a tattoo lover? If you fall under any of these categories you will enjoy this article! It is the perfect go-to guide for those thinking of getting a semicolon symbol. If you’re interested and need some inspiration, keep on reading and find your perfect print down below. … Read more

Japanese Flower Tattoo

50+ Best Japanese Flower Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings

Japanese tattoos are among the most recognizable tattoos in the world and they’re incredibly popular. Distinct imagery with a blend of detailed lined work and cultural significance is the main characteristic of Japanese tattoos. Colorful is one way to describe this type of ink. While it’s possible to come across black and grey designs, Japanese … Read more

Compass Tattoos

30+ Best Compass Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated!)

Compass tattoos are so unique and playful while being different than anything else. This is because they can symbolize loads of different paths and periods during your life. They can also help you and guide you the right way if you’re feeling stuck or lost in the moment. If you’re interested in exploring and looking … Read more

Tiger Tattoos

30+ Best Tiger Tattoos: Check These Stunning Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Do you believe that there is a tiger within you? How thick-skinned and brave are you? A lot of people tend to get tiger tattoos since they are so mesmerizing, unique, scary, as well as power-embracing. Are you someone who tends to seek attention and look playful with your tattoos? If this does apply to … Read more