Starfish Tattoos

40+ Dazzling Starfish Tattoos: Designs, Meanings, And Best Placements

Starfish are marine, exquisite creatures that belong to the fascinating, still unknown undersea world. Since they look amazing and have a substantial symbolic value, starfish tattoos have increased popularity among body art enthusiasts. These designs are suitable for each gender, and they work excellently in black and white and as watercolor tattoos. The starfish symbols … Read more

Palm Tree Tattoo

40+ Best Tropical Palm Tree Tattoos: The Inked Trip To Sun Paradise

Close your eyes and think about your best holiday ever. Can you already feel the glazing sun, the cool breeze running through your hair, the glittery sea? Well, what could miss from this landscape other than some perfectly looking palm trees? Their leaves trembling, the shadow they do, you sitting under their leaves, what could … Read more

Alien Tattoo

70+ Best Alien Tattoo Ideas: Mystic Ink Designs For 2021

If you are looking for a stellar vibe for your body art pieces, as well as an awesome tattoo that expresses your galactic love, then pin this article. Today is about some inspiring alien ink representations that will make you look outstanding. People are going insane when it comes to paranormal worlds, and they have … Read more

Evil Eye Tattoo

Top 30 Meaningful Evil Eye Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Evil eye tattoos are some of the most and easily recognizable ones. You’ll enjoy them yourself if you get informed about their meaning, culture, as well as symbolism. Keep on reading and find your next and best evil eye tattoo idea concept down below that will suit you, especially if you are a picky person … Read more

Medusa Tattoo

50+ Medusa Inspired Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

If you’re drawn to Greek mythology and empowering literary figures, then you might want to consider a Medusa inspired tattoo design. The stoney-eyed, serpentine maiden was supposedly cursed by Athena, who mad with envy and rage, damned Medusa with a gaze that would instantly turn anyone to stone as soon as they entered her field … Read more

Horse Tattoo

Top 30 Amazing Horse Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Horse tattoos are for animal lovers, definitely! Are you an animal lover yourself? If you’re someone who loves to look cute with your chosen design and if you naturally gravitate toward artsy ideas you will also enjoy this article. Here you can find and look into these top 30 playful and unique horse designs, ideal … Read more

Bracelet Tattoo

Top 30 Amazing Bracelet Tattoo Ideas (2021 Updated)

Have you ever thought about getting a bracelet tattoo? Are you a fan of unique and different creations? Men and women can rock this inspiration and similar designs. This is why a lot of people recommend that you stick to a trustworthy tattoo artist who knows how to approach ankles and joints the right way! … Read more

Ouroboros Tattoo

40+ Amazing Ouroboros Tattoo Ideas for You (2021 Updated)

We all know the first question. What is ouroboros? Because most people will look at you with the question mark on the face when you say “I want ouroboros tattoo.” Well, the ouroboros is an ancient circle symbol with a snake or dragon eating its own tail. This type of tattoo is not very common among … Read more

Bear Tattoo

40+ Bear Tattoo Meaning & Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Bears are the largest land carnivores and marvelous animals in the process. They manifest the connection with the natural environment and represent a feared beast of the forest. Despite their large size, they are majestic animals, so it doesn’t surprise us if you wanted to get a bear tattoo. We crafted this article to help … Read more