lavender tattoo

80+ Best Lavender Tattoo Design Ideas (and What They Mean)

Pants, herbs, and flowers are common tattoo ideas and it’s all thanks to their simplicity, power, and elegance. A lavender tattoo isn’t the exception here. Getting a lavender tattoo is a great way to stand out, but at the same time to be discrete. Lavender tattoos vary in sizes and designs thus giving you a … Read more

14 Places To Hide Tattoo From Your Parents

14 Places To Hide Tattoo From Your Parents

Every 3 in 10 people have a tattoo, says the result of an Ipsos poll that was conducted in 2019. There are many people with tattoos, whether it is small or bigger ones, and the culture is being more accepted over the past few years in general. While tattoos are cool in recent days, not … Read more

Satanic tattoo

35 Best Satanic Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning (2021 Updated)

Brave enough to get and pull off a scary satanic tattoo? Thinking about getting something a bit different, as well as unique? Satan-inspired tattoos can mean different things. This will depend a lot on your preferred design, color combo, as well as a quote that you put next to it. In this article we will … Read more

Sun Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

72 Best Sun Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning (2021 Updated)

Sun tattoos are a popular choice of body art. They can be simple, complex, meaningful, aesthetic and gender neutral. They are also easily adaptable to an individual’s style and taste. The sun is also rife with symbolism. It sustains the earth and mankind and so many draw on this connection through getting inked. There are … Read more

Hip Tattoo Designs With Meanings

30 Amazing Hip Tattoo Designs For Women

Are you looking for a cool hip tattoo? Did you know that these are some of the most popular & common tattoo options and placements for women who enjoy feminine pieces? If you are someone who loves to stand out with their unique choice and you’re looking for the perfect hip tattoo, keep on reading! … Read more

Foot Tattoo

25 Amazing Foot Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Are you a fan of feet tattoos? Thinking about getting something that is different and not as common? People who don’t want to flash their tattoos every day and to others will appreciate this placement. It is perfect if you have a sentimental piece to place down, unique and dear only to you! Keep on … Read more

Scorpio Tattoos

30+ Amazing Scorpio Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Are you a fan of scorpions? Do you find them breathtaking and scary at the same time? A lot of women love to rock a scorpio zodiac-inspired tattoo since it shows off their sexy and powerful side. Are you one of those women as well? If so, you will find loads of different tattoo prints … Read more

Back Tattoos Ideas Women

30+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2021 Updated)

Back tattoos are deemed popular by both men and women, but we must all agree that they look particularly appealing and stunning on women, especially if they’re wearing a dress or shirt with an open back. They feel daring and bold, and are more practiced among women, especially before the summer season and as the … Read more

Viking Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

40+ Best Viking Tattoo Sleeve Ideas & Symbolism (2021 Updated)

Vikings were raiders and warriors who marked the majority of the middle age. They raided from the North into England and France and, besides their warrior glory and strength, they also yielded rich culture, symbolism, and mythology. That’s why there are a lot of Viking symbols nowadays that are gladly tattooed, especially because Vikings were … Read more

Chinese Tattoo

30+ Amazing Chinese Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Thinking about getting something new & unique placed on top of your body? Chinese tattoo designs and Chinese symbols will look lovely and can make up for an amazing story. Find your perfect and customized tattoo with one of these 30 options! What Are Chinese Tattoo Designs? Chinese tattoo designs can be different tattoos, and … Read more