Bird Tattoo

60+ Best Bird Tattoo Design Ideas and Their Meanings (2022 Updated)

Bird tattoos are popular because they are so versatile. They are found in lots of different cultures and suit lots of different tattoo styles. Birds symbolize independence and freedom, as well as peace, optimism and happiness. Read on to get some inspiration for your new bird tattoo and discover the unique meaning of the different … Read more

Peacock Tattoo

30+ Best Peacock Tattoo Design Ideas: What Is Your Favorite

Have you ever seen a peacock before? These animals live in the wilderness, and they are quite the attraction at the zoo. If you love their beauty, colorful appearance, as well as their meaning, why not consider placing a peacock tattoo somewhere over your body? Wondering what is the spiritual meaning of these birds? Keep … Read more

15 Tips for Tattoos That Look Better as You Age

15 Tips for Tattoos That Look Better as You Age

When you decide to get a tattoo, you also want it to look perfect for a long time. In some cases that doesn’t happen. The aging process, sun exposure, and other factors have a major impact on tattoos. Some pieces of body art don’t stand the test of time whereas others do. Throughout this guide, … Read more

Fern Tattoo

30+ Best Fern Tattoo Design Ideas: What Is Your Favorite

Are you someone who enjoys the nature? If you are an outdoor person and you love leaves & flowers – you will enjoy this article! Here, we will talk about different & unique fern tattoo ideas that can suit men and women. Fern prints also have a unique meaning to them, so why not explore … Read more

Olive Branch Tattoo

40+ Best Olive Branch Tattoo Designs. Ancient And Modern Meanings

There is this saying that tattoos are the artistic expression of someone’s personal story, beliefs, lifeworld, pain, happiness, important events, etc. As such, we can summarize that a tattoo is inked in one person’s skin for a precise reason. When it comes to tattoo designs, there is a lot of symbolism behind every tiny detail. … Read more

Rainbow Tattoo

30+ Best Rainbow Tattoo Design Ideas: What Is Your Favorite

Are you interested in rocking a gorgeous rainbow tattoo? A lot of women love this print since it is so colorful, vibrant, cute, as well as different. Guys can also wear a rainbow tattoo, especially if they enjoy its meaning. Interested in what it tells and stands for? Looking for some gorgeous tattoo options? Keep … Read more

Lily Tattoos

30+ Best Lily Tattoos and Their Meanings

Are you someone who enjoys different tattoos? How about flower tattoo ideas? If you’re interested in trying out a lily tattoo, just know that you’re exactly where you need to be. In this article, we will show different lily tattoos that will suit everyone’s style and preference. They are ideal for men and women, so … Read more

Small Tattoos with Big Meanings

70+ Small Tattoos with Big Meanings You’ll Fall in Love with

Good things come in the smallest packages, they say. The best perfumes come in small bottles, the finest jewels come in small boxes, among other things. The huge value of small things also extends to tattoos. A simple, small, or delicate tattoo can speak volumes about your character, your emotions, and things you hold close … Read more

Diamond Tattoo

30+ Diamond Tattoo Designs: Top Luxurious Body Art Ideas

People say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” while others consider that “Diamonds are forever.” In either case, these two sayings may explain why people worldwide are crazy about these brilliant stones and even decide to tattoo their contours on the skin. Diamonds are rare luxurious stones, truly precious and associated with luxury. While wearing … Read more

Flower Tattoo Design

50+ Best Flower Tattoo Designs To Make You Bloom: Top Ink Ideas

If you are looking for your first-ever tattoo design, it might be overwhelming to find the best option. Body art enthusiasts would search for possible ink pieces that have deep symbolism and hidden meaning. What if I were to tell you that flower tattoos are the idea to go for? By far, florals of all … Read more