Memorial Tattoos

Memorial Tattoos – Design Ideas In The Memory Of A Loved One

Getting a memorial tattoo is surely a bittersweet moment. Memorial tattoos are done as a form of remembrance and commemoration of a loved one or someone close who has died. The tattoo cannot substitute or replace being with someone you love and care about. However, if they’ve passed, a memorial tattoo can be a great … Read more

Bad Luck Tattoos

50+ Bad Luck Tattoos and Their Meanings

Every tattoo has a meaning, and not all of them are positive. If you’re someone who is superstitious or spiritual, then you may want to avoid these tattoo designs as they are considered bad luck. Some tattoos have a universal negative meaning, others it depends on the culture and location. Read on to learn more … Read more

Good Luck Tattoo

60+ Best Good Luck Tattoos and Their Meanings

Good luck tattoos aren’t just for gamblers and prisoners, both women and men has worn and cherished them for many years. Throughout different cultures, luck is represented through different images, animals, and symbols. Good luck tattoos are not just for the superstitious, but they represent your hopes for the future. There is no right or … Read more

Flower Tattoos For Guys

Flower Tattoos For Guys: Blooming Body Art For Passionates

Who said that men cannot enjoy some of the most popular yet visually attractive tattoo designs? Once you are passionate about flowers, it’s a pity not to show your dedication to nature by tattooing yourself with these symbols. What makes flower tattoos so versatile is their mesmerizing appeal. Moreover, there are tens of different plants … Read more

Minimalist tattoo

80 Most Inspirational Minimalist Tattoos: Creative Designs To Choose

Small, minimalist tattoos might be very discreet and difficult to notice on someone’s skin, but these tiny pieces of artwork are the best proof that size doesn’t matter when it comes to body art and ink. Furthermore, minimalist tattoos are full of meaning and have a significant influence on someone’s style. Less is more, and … Read more

Panther Tattoo

50+ Best Panther Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Panthers are majestic animals. Not only that. They served as an inspiration to great movie and cartoon characters, including the Black Panther, Pink Panther, and Bagheera, the black panther. Besides that, the majestic physique and appearance of panthers were an inspiration for a lot of artistic work. The panther tattoo is no exception to that. … Read more

Tattoos That Symbolize Love

32 Tattoos That Symbolize Love (2021 Updated)

Are you in love? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect matching tattoo that you can rock along with your partner? A lot of people spend what seems like an eternity waiting for their other half. If you’re trying to dedicate your passionate and loving side to someone you care about, you will enjoy this article! … Read more

Wedding Ring Tattoo

40+ Best Wedding Ring Tattoos. Love Symbols To Inspire You

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments of our lives. For most people, weddings are more than a fantastic party, with an elegant dress code, good music, and tasty food. Weddings represent the bonding between two people, the spiritual connection they swear to have for a lifetime. The traditional way to express these vows … Read more

Mountain Tattoo

Mountain Tattoos: Symbolism And 40+ Best Design Ideas For 2021

Nature, especially mountains, has been a source of inspiration for numerous artists for hundreds of years. The symbol of a mountain, as this constant, immovable, yet everchanging and almost spiritual place, has remained even nowadays. People will be forever inspired by the massive peaks and heights, nature, and the habitat of wildlife. That is why … Read more

Tattoos That Symbolize Peace

30+ Tattoos That Symbolize Peace (2021 Updated)

Are you someone who loves to show off your peaceful side? Do you feel like you’ve been struggling lately to come at peace with yourself? A lot of people love to show their sentimental side through different & unique tattoo ideas. If you stand for peace & uniqueness, as well as deep bliss and pure … Read more