Taurus Tattoo

30+ Taurus Tattoo Designs And Meanings (2022 Updated)

Getting a Taurus tattoo is pretty uncommon, mostly for the believers of horoscope and zodiac where Taurus is one of the most popular Earth signs. Alternatively, those interested in astronomy and constellations must’ve heard about the Taurus constellation, again named after the belief of astrology and horoscope. Besides that, there are also many different designs … Read more

Family Tree Tattoo

30 Family Tree Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Tattoos are a great idea for you to express yourself the way you couldn’t before. It’s a type of art, practiced for thousands of years and between different cultures and civilizations. There are millions of symbols to tattoo out there and each one of them has a special meaning that you can cherish with the … Read more

Dragon Ball Tattoo

50+ Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Dragon Ball is one of the oldest animated series, that took many children and adults alike to the world of anime, martial arts, fight, friendship, and even space invasion. Given that many children grew up watching these series that only seemed to grow with them, it doesn’t surprise us that this anime exactly served as … Read more

neck tattoos for women

70+ Coolest Neck Tattoos for Women in 2022

More and more women decide to get a neck tattoo. While this particular tattoo placement has a few things to take into consideration, when done properly it can be a little work of art. From the moment you decide to get a tattoo, you spend a lot of time looking for the best designs and … Read more

Blackwork Tattoo

35+ Blackwork Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Ever had a blackwork tattoo done before? Have you considered getting one, or is this your first time hearing about it? Well, either way it may be, we will inform you as well as overwhelm you with our tattoo options! Keep on reading and enjoy different ideas as well as tattoo placements down below. What … Read more

family tattoo

30+ Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Family

What better way to showcase the love and support you have for your family than through art? By far, a tattoo is one of the most emotional, unique ways to show the world what family means to you. You can express so much of your feelings by simply drawing some fine lines on your skin. … Read more

Neck tattoo men

70+ Coolest Neck Tattoos for Men (2022 Updated)

Neck tattoos are edgy and perfectly suit someone’s adventurous spirit. If you’ve outweighed all the pros and cons of neck tattoos and decided to go ahead and get one, you’re probably looking for great ideas. That’s exactly what this post is all about. Throughout the ultimate guide below, you’ll see tons of designs, styles, and … Read more

Black And Grey Tattoo

40+ Black And Grey Tattoo Designs To Enhance Body Art

Uni-color tattoos have dominated this industry; no wonder single-color designs are still a classical yet trendy choice. Well, in the first instance, this simple state of style was an immediate result of necessity; a long, long time ago, people couldn’t have colorful watercolor tattoos, so they had to choose single-color ones. Of course, the times … Read more

Black And White Popular Tattoo

30+ Black And White Popular Tattoo Designs (Find Your Inspiration)

Colorful tattoos get a lot of praise for their gorgeous look and the dimensional visual feeling. No wonder some people fall in love with their blending, shading, and unique illusions only the colorful tattoos can give to the skin. But truth has been told, black and white tattoos can do all of these and many … Read more