Skeleton Hand Tattoo, saved tattoo

60+ Skeleton Hand Tattoo Ideas (and The Symbolism behind Them)

Skeleton hand tattoos have spread across the internet, becoming a staple in every reputable tattoo parlour’s repertoire. While skeletons, bones and skulls have long been a source of ink inspiration, skeletal hand designs have only recently become a trend. These sombre and delicate tattoos hint at something darker. They allude to death, with a cheeky … Read more

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoos: Meaning and 47 Best Design Ideas

The sun and the moon have carried different meanings and symbolism throughout the history of humankind. Depending on the civilization and the culture, both have served as an inspiration for different religious and cultural interpretations or were ascribed with a variety of symbols. For example, in ancient Egypt, the sun and the moon represented the … Read more

Tattoos That Symbolize Growth

25 Tattoos That Symbolize Growth (2021 Updated)

One of the hardest things people have to do in life is grow; by that, we don’t mean physical growth, but rather mental growth, maturing and forming into a wholesome, self-reliant personality. The growth of personality and mental strength has been the main idea of written masterpieces and art for hundreds of years. And, every … Read more

Seahorse Tattoo Design Ideas

Top 30 Best Seahorse Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Thinking about placing a seahorse tattoo design somewhere on top of your body? This tattoo inspiration is perfect for men and women, as well as anyone who loves SeaWorld, and wants to stand out when it comes to their design. In this article, we will talk about 30 different options that will look stunning, no … Read more

Sexiest Thigh Tattoo Designs For Girls

30+ Sexiest Thigh Tattoo Designs For Girls

The beginning of a year is the perfect time for making new, life-changing decisions. One of those decisions could be a new thigh tattoo. Thigh tattoos look extremely attractive on women, and that’s only one of the huge reasons why getting one or two is worth it. Different positions make a thigh tattoo look good. … Read more

Kids Names Tattoo Ideas, saved tattoo

30+ Kids Names Tattoo Ideas: Cute and Sweet

Kids’ name tattoos are some of the most popular choices when it comes to deciding a design. A kid’s name can evoke childhood memories, it can help remember your kids at all times, and ultimately pay respect to them as well as showing love. For those who have a creative mind, a kid’s name tattoo … Read more


16 Best Infinity Heart Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Thinking of getting a beautiful and unique tattoo that can show your love and appreciation for the other person? Are you in love? Either way it may be, you will appreciate this article. Here, we will talk about different infinity heart tattoos that you can browse through and explore. They will suit men and women … Read more

Black Cat Tattoos, saved tattoo

50+ Best Black Cat Tattoo Design Ideas (Meaning and Inspirations)

It can be difficult to choose the perfect feline design since there are so many possibilities. The feline, or cats, are generally very popular tattoo design choices mostly because of the versatile meaning and ability to adjust according to one’s personality and nature. But, if you really can’t decide which feline design to go for, … Read more


75 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas for Inspiration

Deciding on a tattoo is only half the task – placement matters too! But should you go for that spot inside your hip or be brave with an ankle tatt? Deciding the placement of your tattoo is not something to decide on a whim. In our ultimate guide to tattoo placement, you’ll find a check … Read more

White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin, saved tattoo, feature

White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin: 20+ Best Design Ideas

In the past few years, white ink tattoos have gained a whole new level of popularity. Some people get inked as a memory while some have them to show off their personality and get that elegant and stylish look. White tattoos are different from dark tattoos in almost every possible way. Also, today, tattoos are … Read more