Infinity Tattoo

60+ Amazing Infinity Tattoo Ideas 2022 (And Celebrities)

Infinity is a powerful concept, and getting a symbol of it inked on your skin sends out a strong message. Whether you just like the loop eight-esque emblem for its aesthetic, or you have a personal connection with the notion of infinity, you really can’t go wrong with a tasteful infinity tattoo — especially since … Read more

Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Top 38 Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design Ideas (2022 Updated)

Any true anime fans out there? Do you enjoy watching some of the most popular cartoons or movies in your spare time? What is the chance that you have watched Phantom Troupe? This is a well-known and popular anime/manga that you will love to pay close attention to while also probably showing homage to it … Read more

Memento Mori Tattoo

Top 30 Meaningful Memento Mori Tattoo Design Ideas (2022 Version)

How good is your Latin? Or more so importantly, are you eager to find one tattoo that has a bold and meaningful saying? Oftentimes men and women like to go for the phrase “Memento Mori”. Do you know what it means, and is there a significant meaning that you can link and connect with this … Read more

444 tattoo

Best 444 Tattoo Ideas With Spiritual Meanings (2022 Version)

There are millions of fashionable tattoos that are harmless, versatile, and timeless. They can be little stars, minimalist hearts, pretty roses, Disney characters, or cat silhouettes. Whether you place them on the wrist, back, ankle or forearm, it is only up to you and your personality. On the other hand, trendy tattoos look cool and … Read more

owl tattoo

50+ Unique Owl Tattoo Design Ideas (Meaning And Symbolize)

Owl tattoos are a hugely popular choice when it comes to animal tattoos, and fans of the look get them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Their symbolic association with wisdom and majesty is part of their appeal, as well as the intriguing and aesthetically pleasing shape and plumage. Throughout human history, owls have been … Read more

Roman Numerals Tattoo

Top 32 Gorgeous Roman Numerals Tattoo Design Ideas 2022

Roman numerals as a tattoo design can represent and stand for a lot of things. These can be used to describe your most important dates, birthdates, anniversaries, as well as your well-valued and sentimental memories. Keep on reading and find inspiration and a gorgeous design that will interest you down below. Roman Numeral Tattoos: FAQ … Read more

Wings tattoo

40+ Wonderful Wings Tattoo Design Ideas 2022 (Meaning And Symbolize)

Do you like wing symbols and wing tattoos? If you’re a fan of sentimental pieces you will also enjoy browsing through this article. Here and today, we are going to talk about some cool wing prints that will intrigue you. Keep on reading and understand its meaning and find the perfect pair of wings for … Read more

Anubis Tattoo

40+ Gorgeous Anubis Tattoo Design Ideas 2022 (Meaning And Symbolize)

Are you someone who likes truly unique and gorgeous elements? Do you love history, mythology, as well old inspirational symbols? If so, you’re going to appreciate the beauty of an Anubis. Here is what we have to offer among some of the prettiest and most unique options down below! Anubis Tattoos: FAQ 1. What Does … Read more

Polynesian Tattoo

40+ Awesome Polynesian Tattoo Design Ideas (Meaning And Symbolize)

Throughout history, people used tattoos to honor their tribes, nations, or just themselves. Tattoos were a tool to mark themselves as members of a tribe or specific culture and their status in it. One of the most mystical and, at the same time, fascinating tattoos is the Polynesian tattoo. Polynesian tattoos have a long history. … Read more