16 Best Infinity Heart Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

Thinking of getting a beautiful and unique tattoo that can show your love and appreciation for the other person? Are you in love? Either way it may be, you will appreciate this article. Here, we will talk about different infinity heart tattoos that you can browse through and explore. They will suit men and women … Read more

Black Cat Tattoos, saved tattoo

50+ Best Black Cat Tattoo Design Ideas (Meaning and Inspirations)

It can be difficult to choose the perfect feline design since there are so many possibilities. The feline, or cats, are generally very popular tattoo design choices mostly because of the versatile meaning and ability to adjust according to one’s personality and nature. But, if you really can’t decide which feline design to go for, … Read more


75 Best Tattoo Placement Ideas for Inspiration

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White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin, saved tattoo, feature

White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin: 20+ Best Design Ideas

In the past few years, white ink tattoos have gained a whole new level of popularity. Some people get inked as a memory while some have them to show off their personality and get that elegant and stylish look. White tattoos are different from dark tattoos in almost every possible way. Also, today, tattoos are … Read more

Sugar Skull Tattoos, saved tattoo

Sugar Skull And Calavera Tattoo: Meaning and Design Ideas

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25 Best Joker Tattoo Design Ideas

Your favorite character can look amazing in a tattoo form! Are you a fan of the Joker himself? Everyone knows about his witty smile, determined look, as well as unforgettable quotes. Do you want to show your love for the movie with the best tattoo? A Joker tattoo can have either a straightforward meaning and … Read more

Panda tattoo

30 Amazing Panda Tattoo Design Ideas

Panda tattoo designs are just some of the most creative and wholesome tattoos that you can go for. They are beautiful, sentimental, as well as perfect for everyone, no matter your age or gender. They also have a deep and pure symbolism, which makes them perfect for you if you want to tell a story … Read more

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10 Best Places For A Tattoo On A Woman

Getting your first tattoo or tattoo, in particular, is a huge experience and you want to pick a part of the body that will either make your tattoo look, even more, highlighted or a subtle area that won’t make it stand out. Choosing the right area can get quite challenging, especially when you can’t decide … Read more

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10 Best Place for A Tattoo On A Man

Getting your first tattoo is always exciting, but it’s not always easy. A lot of people easily get judgmental about tattoos, especially if they are placed in a bad spot. Although there’s no general rule for the best place for a tattoo on a man, other factors like the shape and size of a tattoo … Read more

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18 Best Protection Tattoo Ideas & Meanings

People started inking their bodies thousands of years ago. Tattoos used to be a representation of someone’s social status, a mere decoration, or even a spell for protection from various evil spirits, and bad luck. It’s no secret that tattoos were used by multiple cultures separated by the oceans across the world. They used them … Read more