Inkbox Vs. Henna

Inkbox Vs. Henna: What’s The Difference?

Inkbox, a temporary tattoo brand, has been all the buzz in the past few years. Teenagers and adults are going wild over the incredible Inxbox tattoos, especially with the rise of TikTok trends regarding quick and easy tattoos, that requires almost no commitment. However, despite the success and proven quality of the Inkbox product, some … Read more

Tattooing Process: How Tattoos Work (9 Steps)

With the increase of tattoos in the country, it is safe to say that almost every person has at least one tattoo. The reason for such a spike in tattoo appointments lies in the fact that tattoos aren’t a taboo topic anymore. Before, body art was generally associated with something of a negative connotation; like … Read more

How To Make a Fake Tattoo With a Sharpie

How To Make a Fake Tattoo With a Sharpie? – A Step By Step Guide

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to get a tattoo, but then, you remember all the hassle surrounding such a process. Tattoos hurt, require time and commitment to properly heal, and they can cost you a fortune as well. If there was only a way to get a tattoo experience without actually … Read more

Tattoo Cracking

Tattoo Cracking: How To Avoid and Treat Tattoo Cracking?

You just got a new tattoo, and everything seems to be going well. But, one day you notice your tattoo is cracking and drying out, and you cannot help yourself but panic. Chances are, you Googled the issue and it has led you right here. Well, if this is you, then you’re at the right … Read more


How To Sleep With A New Tattoo: 8 Tips From Expert

You’ve got a new tattoo? Congratulations! Now, you can enjoy flaunting it while it helps you identify with your strengths and cause. However, if this is your first tattoo, you must be worried about how to act with it and how to provide proper aftercare once you come home. While there are a lot of … Read more

Jobs That Allow Tattoos

Jobs That Allow Tattoos: Where Can You Work and Show Off Your Ink?

Even though tattoos have become pretty acceptable and mainstream in today’s society, there are places and environments where they’re considered unacceptable. Tattoos can create so many problems for regular people if they want to work in certain industries or branches. Why? Well, many people associate tattoos with criminal activities and problematic behavior, so they need … Read more

tattoo sizes

Tattoo Sizes: Expert Guide With Examples (2021 Updated)

Too many people spend hours agonizing over the design and style of their tattoo. And sure, these are essential aspects you need to decide on before you get inked… but never underestimate the power of size and placement! Deciding on tattoo sizes is such an important thing to do. It can make or break your … Read more