What Happens To Tattoos When You Gain Muscle

What Happens To Tattoos When You Gain Muscle?

Getting a tattoo isn’t just a fun way to change your appearance and do something exciting. A tattoo becomes a part of your body and it is a piece of art that will last you a lifetime. Sure, unless you opt for laser removal, the tattoo will be there, permanently. During the time of your … Read more

Can You Use Pen Ink For Stick-and-Poke Tattoo

Can You Use Pen Ink For Stick-and-Poke Tattoo?

Also known as hand-poked or machine-free tattoos, stick-and-poke tattoos have mostly been associated with the underground culture and tattoo community for a long time. These tattoos have always been straightforward, with simple and minimal designs. Even nowadays, the stick-and-poke tattoo tends to be simplistic and minimal. However, some tattoo artists do range their tattoos from … Read more

How Deep Should a Tattoo Needle Go

How Deep Should a Tattoo Needle Go?

Deciding to get a tattoo is both super exciting and super serious. It is exciting because you’ll be getting this awesome permanent piece of art on your body. On the other hand, it is serious because it involves a painful process of getting repeatedly ‘stabbed’ by the tattoo needle. So, the fact that you’re reading … Read more

Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks

Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks? – Everything You Need To Know

A lot of people, especially women, fight the everlasting battle against stretch marks throughout their lives. Stretch marks are generally an aesthetic issue for the majority, and people are always looking for a way to cover or conceal the mark partially or completely. One increasingly popular way of concealing stretch marks is tattoos. Sometimes stretch … Read more

Can I Put Vaseline On My Tattoo?

So, you just got a new tattoo, and you just can’t wait to show it off? Well, it might take you some time to do that, because now you have to take care of your tattoo and let it heal properly. The aftercare routine can be a bit complicated, especially if you’ve never dealt with … Read more

Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day

Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day?

So, you decided to get a tattoo? You got an appointment, got there in time, ready, and you thought to yourself; why not get a second tattoo while I’m at it? Many have thought of this, but few were daring enough to do it. Not to mention that the majority of people think it is … Read more

Will My Hair Grow Back After a Tattoo

Will My Hair Grow Back After a Tattoo?

If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you know that you’re required to shave the area where the tattoo will be placed (if the area has any hair, of course). This is a common requirement before tattooing so that the tattoo artist can do their work without any hindrances. Hair can prevent the stencil from properly … Read more

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe: Everything You Need to Know!

Temporary tattoos have become rather popular in the past few years. One of the main appeals of temporary tattoos is the fact that they’re, well, temporary. You apply them in a matter of seconds and enjoy them as a tattoo for a short-term period. There is no tattooing hassle and no life-long commitment to body … Read more

Tattoo Pain Management

Tattoo Pain Management: How to Make Tattoos Less Painful

It’s a common agreement that tattoos hurt. While the pain sensation is different for everyone else, and some people may feel less pain than others, everyone experiences it in one way or another. The inking process itself is extremely painful. But, if you’re getting a tattoo at a sensitive spot, the process of healing may … Read more