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est Fake Tattoo Sleeves

9 Best Fake Tattoo Sleeves 2021

Tattoo sleeves exploded in popularity 10 years ago. They became even more popular in recent years. Starting from celebrities, to ordinary people, everyone wants to flaunt their tattoo sleeve. Even employers and different companies became comfortable with their employees wearing them. Still, what to do if you’re in love with the tattoo sleeves, but don’t … Read more

Best Gifts For Tattoo Artists

10 Best Gifts For Tattoo Artists in 2021

What do you buy a tattoo artist? Sure, you can buy them something tattoo-related, of course, but the gift needs to be unique. Otherwise, your tattooist might find it rather common or boring. So, the gift needs to be well-thought-out, and the options need to be narrowed so that the tattoo artist recognizes that you’re … Read more

Best Tattoo Chairs

The Best Tattoo Chairs For Tattoo Artists and Clients (2021 Updated)

Getting tattooed is exciting, for sure. However, it can also be rather exhausting for both the client and the tattoo artist. For a tattoo to be complete, it can take up to several hours of constant tattooing, which means the furniture at the tattoo shops needs to be high-quality and comfortable. If you’re an owner … Read more

5 Best White Tattoo Ink – Comprehensive Guide + Best Brands

The majority of tattoos are done using black ink. However, sometimes the shading or watering down of the black ink is not enough to do details and highlights on a tattoo. In such cases, white ink is indispensable. Without white ink, no tattoo can get that realistic, shaded, highlighted, and detailed final form. In the … Read more

Best Tattoo Power Supply

10 Best Tattoo Power Supply 2021: Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for equipment for your tattoo studio and aspiring to become a distinguished tattoo artist, know that your tattoo machine won’t work without a power supply. Luckily, this article will teach you everything you need to know about quality power supplies for tattoo machines. Additionally, you’ll get to learn about the 10 best … Read more

Best Tattoo Numbing Spray

5 Best Tattoo Numbing Sprays – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, one particular thought has probably crossed your mind; the pain. Yes, we know, getting a tattoo is incredibly painful even for those who are already experienced and familiar with tattooing. So, if you’re reading this, you’re at the right place. In the following paragraphs, we’ll dive into the … Read more

Best Temporary Tattoos

Best Temporary Tattoos 2021: 9 Things You Need To Know

Getting a tattoo can be an exceptionally exciting thing to do. Tattoos are an amazing piece of art that is right there on your body. They are a life-long reminder of your past times and past self as well. However, many people are skeptical about tattoos for that very reason; their longevity and difficulty of … Read more

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machines

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machines to Zap That Tattoo in 2021!

Did you make the age-old mistake of tattooing a certain partner’s name on your skin? Or perhaps that cheap tattoo you got at Mark’s bachelor party is starting to haunt you. Either way, you’re probably interested in laser tattoo removal. In this guide to the best laser tattoo removal machines, there’s a simple buyer’s guide … Read more