Mark Mahoney: Living Legend Of Tattoo Art

Mark Mahoney is one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world. He is a celebrity himself with a huge fan base. This article will go through everything you need to know about Mark Mahoney.

Tattoos and tattoo artists are very popular in our community, while previously they were considered illegal. Tattoos are considered iconic and they symbolize many things like peace, power, love, and much more.

From Mark Mahoney’s past, his career, where to find him online, where to book him, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Who Is Mark Mahoney?

Mark Mahoney
Image Source: Saved Tattoo

Mark Mahoney is a big name in the tattoo world and is considered the living legend of tattoo art. His career as a tattoo artist began in 1977 in Boston.

In his native Boston, Massachusetts, most of his early clients were bikers and gangsters. In fact, these were times where tattooing people was still illegal but this didn’t stop Mahoney to pursue his passion for the art of tattoos.

Today, Mark Mahoney is a very soft-spoken person who worked with dozens of internationally known celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and more. He goes to church regularly for prayer. He is married and has two children.

Founding Father Of Black And Grey Art

Why is Mark Mahoney known as the founding father of Black and Grey Art? Entire artists around the world admire the uniqueness of Mark’s work in tattoo art.

He is the most expert tattoo artist to create black and grey tattoo art using a single needle. He has always preferred the black color for painting since childhood. In his crayon color box, black was the most used color, while others remained untouched. Black is his first love, and black and grey became his signature style of tattooing. His portraits of celebrities are immensely famous. His skills speak out from his artwork.

Furthermore, he has a distinctive style which no one else dares to copy. Beckham’s whole body got covered with his artwork. He has inked black and grey tattoos on the arm, chest, shoulder, the neck of hundreds of people.

Where To Find Mark Mahoney Online?

In times where being found online is essentials and where markets are digitalizing, it is essential to stand out on the internet, and Mark Mahoney is no exception.

Customers can easily book an appointment and check Mahoney’s most popular designs. In addition, his social media accounts and website give Mark Mahoney exposure to the international community. Mark has focused on the website and reached out to his fans through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He can easily get contacted on any of these sites.

Official Website

Mark Mahoney’s official website is Shamrock Social Club where he displays his best designs, past interviews as well as personal biography. The website depicted his previous work and other artists in his shop (yes, he doesn’t work by himself). Also, each artist has created a separate portfolio of their previous work on the website.

Shamrock Social Club On Facebook

If you are a huge fan of Mark Mahoney, you should follow his tattoo shop on Facebook. While Mark Mahoney’s page is private, the shop’s Facebook profile is Shamrock Social Club Inc. You’ll be able to see and follow tattoo posts and contact the tattooed star through this page. Also, many artists can see his work and take inspiration from the work he regularly posts.

Mark Mahoney And Shamrock Social Club On Instagram

Instagram is another social media platform to reach out to the celebrity. In fact, @shamrocksocialclub is his tattoo shop’s official profile which is followed by not less than 144,000 users. In addition, Mark Mahoney’s official Instagram profile is @markmahoney_ssc and he has over 48k followers. Many of his best designs get posted as well as some more private life events.

Mahoney On Twitter

Fans can also follow Mark Mahoney through his tattoo shop’s official page on Twitter under the username @SSC_Tattoo to keep themselves updated about their favorite star’s activities and designs. All the news about the stars and their views get shared on this account.

Where To Book An Appointment With Mark Mahoney?

Mark Mahoney is an icon who has been tattooing famous stars for a very long time and definitely know what he’s doing. Customers sometimes have to book appointments six months in advance as his shop has such a busy schedule.

To book an appointment, you’ll have to call Shamrock Social Club. Though, customers making appointments on the phone will not get attended by Mark Mahoney. The team will answer any questions regarding the appointment; make sure to call during working hours. Mark always welcome walk in, and he has experienced artist that can accommodate multiple tattoo styles.

How Much Does Mark Mahoney Charge?

If you want to get tattooed from a star, you should be ready to pay an above-the-average amount. According to the Los Angeles Times, a custom tattoo from Mark Mahoney will cost you at least $500.

Of course, the design and complexity of the artwork decide the actual price as this amount is just the starting figure.

Prices may go up to thousands of dollars depending on many factors. Sure, his prices are higher than the average tattoo shop you’ll find in the streets of New York, but, if you compare with other internationally known artists such as Scott Campbell, they’re actually reasonable. After all, Mahoney is not an ordinary artist.

How Much Is Mark Mahoney Worth?

As you understood by now, Mark Mahoney makes a comfortable amount of money through his tattoos. According to an analysis by Net Worth Post, Mahoney’s net worth is estimated to be $950,000.

What Makes Mark Mahoney So Unique?

Sure, Mark Mahoney is an incredibly talented tattoo artist and he got to tattoo dozens of celebrities and thousands of people. However, what makes him so special, and what’s so unique about him to pay the top price? Let’s dig deeper into his skills.

Mahoney’s Experience

Mark Mahoney is the living legend for tattoo lovers. He holds a huge experience of about 40 years in the field. With this experience and fame, he has become the most followed tattoo artist of our time.

Mark Mahoney’s Influence

The great artist has a great influence on the Hollywood industry. He has inked stylish tattoo patterns on Hollywood stars, and his celebrity clients list is lengthy. Some of his most famous clients include David Beckham, Steve Jones, Lana Del Rey, Johnny Hallyday, Jonny Depp, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, and many more big names.

Single Needle Work

His signature style is black and grey tattoo art and is mind-blowing. He uses a single needle to make out a completely meaningful design. It is amazing for people who want simple tattoos but with proper detailing. And everyone knows Mark is the most expert tattoo artist to do so.

His Work With The Stars: Biggest Tattoo Artist In Hollywood

Spending a lot of time with the celebrities, he has a close friendship with many of them. First of all, he appeared in two of Lana Del Rey’s music videos. He played the role of her lover in the music video. According to her, the tattooist is easy going and quite a cool personality.

Secondly, David Beckham’s chest is full of tattoo work from Mark Mahoney.

Moreover, Lady Gaga is another one of the permanent celebrity clients of the famous tattoo artist. In fact, during a perfume launch at New York’s Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, Mark Mahoney inked a cherub tattoo on Lady Gaga’s scalp.

Shamrock Social Club: Tattoo Studio

Mark Mahoney is Shamrock Social Club’s owner which is on West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Their shop’s slogan is “A place where the elite and underworld meets”.  He depicts the combination of high art and culture through his inking skills. Most of his art designs relate clients to their drawing’s meaning.

In his parlor, he had provided the talented people the opportunity, a platform where they can learn and earn. Mark discovered a young artist Dr. Woo who used to manage a clothing store.

During an interview by Fashionista, Dr. Woo admitted that he was tattooed by Mahoney and his staff for a long time and eventually became part of his team. He got moved by the artist’s drawing skills and wanted to display his work in the parlor.

Mark Mahoney In Movies

Other than his tattoo studio and his partnership with celebrities, Mark Mahoney is known for his tattooing work on the movies Deja Vu, True Romance, and even Unstoppable. In fact, given the fact that he’s based in Hollywood, he worked in many movie makeup departments in Hollywood as a makeup artist.

What Are Mark Mahoney’s Best Tattoo Designs?

As expected, there is a countless number of tattoo designs that Mark has inked to date. From flowers to skeletons to portraits, he’s done it all. Let’s go through Mahoney’s best designs over the years.


Portraits are some of Mahoney’s best and most popular tattoo designs; even with only one color, he makes the portraits incredibly beautiful and realistic. Every detail and facial features look so nice.

Many people visit him to get a portrait tattoo on their bodies. As you can see from his two Instagram accounts, his portrait tattoos are out of this world.

Religious Tattoos

If we go through Mahoney’s gallery, religious tattoos are some of the most designed and inked, and we can easily understand why. Angels, Saints, and hands praying to God are some of the most impressive pieces.


Just like portrait tattoos, animal ones inked by Mark are impressively detailed and meaningful. On his Instagram profile, we can see a tiger tattoo made with passion and the result is simply astonishing. Also, on his website’s gallery, we can see other ones such as owls and horses which are, needless to say, equally detailed.


While flower tattoos are one of Mahoney’s least common pieces of work, they’re certainly one of the most impressive. Colored in black and grey, with lots of details, and lettering on some, Mark never stops to amaze us.

What is Mark Mahoney famous for?

It is obvious that Mark Mahoney is famous for several reasons, as you probably understood by now. Firstly, it is the artist’s creativity and passion that makes him extra special and Mark Mahoney is famous for his Black and Grey tattoos, among which portraits are the best.

Secondly, He listens to the client and tries to understand what a person wants. Listening and loving the people is more important in this field, as it helps connect with clients. This is where Mahoney particularly excels as he understands exactly what he wants. Many of the artists are good at art, but they are unable to connect to the people, and that’s why Mark Mahoney is so unique.

Lastly, he inspires his clients with his stylish personality and very soft voice. He was featured in two music videos of Lana Del Rey.

To sum up, his tattoos of portraits are a matchless beauty and the price you’ll pay at his tattoo studio is definitely worth it.

Our Bottom Line

This was everything you needed to know about Mark Mahoney, his private life, his professional career, and where to find him.

Of course, many people like to get inked and it’s always important to consider the best tattoo artists and Mahoney is certainly one of the best in the world. His tattoos are considered stylish, original, meaningful, and incredibly detailed.

Whether you’re thinking to get a tattoo in Hollywood, considering your next tattoo, or willing to get fresh ideas for the future, Mark Mahoney is definitely a living legend that will inspire you.

To conclude, Mark Mahoney is one of the best tattoo artists in the world and we can’t recommend a tattoo at his studio in Hollywood enough.