Top 30 Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas (2023 Updated)

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Are you a fighter, or someone who loves to support fighting scenes, justice, as well as Japanese culture? If any of these statements apply to you, you will enjoy our article since we will talk about someone in particular – Samurai origin, as well as gorgeous Samurai tattoo options.

Girls who love to look bold and guys who loved watching Samurai Jack while growing up will enjoy our list and top 30 tattoo recommendations that are listed down below!

10 Large Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Samurai Mask Tattoo Over Shoulder

Samurai Mask Tattoo Over Shoulder
Image Source: @jordan_sad_art

Those who enjoy sleeves and larger tattoos will naturally gravitate toward this one. It is a time-consuming piece, yet a beautiful solution for those who love to stand out.

This warrior with a skull will symbolize your inner skill to achieve all you want and fulfill your deepest darkest wishes.

2. Samurai Tattoo Design Detailed Scary Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo Design Detailed Scary Tattoo
Image Source: @helga_bravova

If you’re a fan of mystical and unusual designs this one will suit you. Guys who love unique lines and precise tattoos that are fierce and powerful will want this sleeve with this effect.

This samurai stands for your attention-seeking side and your wish to achieve bliss and perfectionism at any given point.

3. Japanese Samurai Tattoo Pop Of Color

Japanese Samurai Tattoo Pop Of Color
Image Source:

If you’re someone who enjoys a pop of color with their tattoos and you love to combine color with your black ink, consider going for a pop of blue. This tattoo is one of a kind, which means that you will need a skilled tattoo artist to achieve this print.

Blue is a color of elegance and purity. If your heart and your soul are as pure and you know that you’re powerful and fully confident with your abilities or skills, show it with this samurai concept.

Did you know that Samurai followed a code bushido – a way of the warrior?

4. Samurai Warrior Tattoo Over Back

Samurai Warrior Tattoo Over Back
Image Source: @inked_up_tattoo_parlour_bali

Back tattoos are usually worn by guys who have masculine and dramatic backs. If you work out and you enjoy your gym experience, you will need this giant samurai design placed over your back.

A samurai helmet stands for your power and your will to protect yourself from bad influences and from bad people. If you know how to win an argument and you’re naturally an assertive person this concept may interest you.

5. Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Samurai Sleeve Tattoo
Image Source: @paskull

Stick to arm tattoos and enjoy this black and white concept. If you have a passion for demon-inspire designs and you enjoy monochrome ideas this one will suit you.

Show that you know how to protect yourself and that you value your dignity. Honor is everything to you, right?

6. Oni Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Oni Samurai Tattoo Black Idea
Image Source: @redemptiontattoostudios

If you’re not afraid of the needle and you enjoy scary and big tattoos this concept will suit you. Heads up since it is a time-consuming print to go for. Make sure that you have 5-7 hours to spare before you begin the tattooing process.

Show your graciousness and your proud attitude with this noble design. It is quite basic and like the most normal samurai tattoo that you’d expect, but it is perfect for fans of simplicity but in a bigger format.

Fun fact: only high-class samurai was allowed to ride a horse.

7. Samurai Tattoo With A Tiger Print

Samurai Tattoo With A Tiger Print
Image Source: @j.a.j.tattooer

Black and white ink doesn’t have to be plain or too simple. In fact, you can rock a gorgeous animal-inspired tattoo along with your samurai symbol. This one will take you 4-6 hours to place over your body.

A tiger will suit you if you’re an animal lover. Show that you know how to value your personal thoughts, inner beliefs, and your spiritual journey with a samurai and tiger concept.

8. Samurai Helmet Tattoo Over Back

Samurai Helmet Tattoo Over Back
Image Source: @evgeny_berzin

If you’re a fan of giant back tattoos this one will suit you. Men that love to hit the gym frequently will also like this concept. It is masculine and flawless in its own way.

Show that you know how to overcome any challenges or obstacles since there’s a true warrior within you.

9. Samurai Tattoo Scary Design

Samurai Tattoo Scary Design
Image Source: @eduardosouzatattoo

Not all samurai prints are small, delicate, or happy-looking. In fact, you can also go for a fierce and horrific samurai, if you’re a fan of scarier or horror-like tattoos.

This one shows the world who’s the boss and that you love to assert dominance and attention everywhere you go.

Did you know that they used swords at first, and katanas later on?

10. Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Black Idea
Image Source: @teixeiratattoo_tatuador

Anime fans or people who enjoy cartoons will enjoy this one tattoo that has a lot of silly and funny elements. Let the world see that you’re a creative person and someone who loves to look funky.

You will come off as a dominant yet silly individual who is often right and knows how to get what you want in your charming way.

10 Colorful Samurai Tattoos

1. Retro Samurai Tattoo

Retro Samurai Tattoo
Image Source: @rsr_tattoos

Are you an artist yourself? How about someone who enjoys colorful ideas and funky art? This tattoo is retro and perfect for those who have a way of embracing cheerful ideas.

This orange design and a cat symbol will let the world see you as a trendsetter, as well as someone who knows how to have fun in your way and on your own terms.

2. Funny Frog Samurai Tattoo

Funny Frog Samurai Tattoo
Image Source: @oliverheifer

If you enjoy back tattoos this colorful one will suit you. It is funky and funny while being perfect for those who know how to have fun. People of any age can rock this design, as long as if they have a sense of humor.

A red frog dressed as a samurai means that you’re a cheerful person to be around and that you know how to overcome any battles or tough moments but in your own way.

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3. Samurai Head Tattoo Design

Samurai Head Tattoo Design
Image Source: @bricesolana

This arm or shoulder tattoo is ideal for fans of smaller tattoos and minimalism. If you dislike the feeling of a needle pressed against your skin you will enjoy this mini concept.

Samurai and swords are common go-to tattoo ideas. Show that you’re aware of the cultural appreciation and stories that are behind it before you end up getting this design.

Fun fact: clothing items played a huge role throughout history, also known as hakama.

4. Colorful Samurai Tattoo Cat Idea

Colorful Samurai Tattoo Cat Idea
Image Source: @x.carttoontattoocollective.x

If you’re a cat lover or an animal lover in general you will want this funky tattoo. It is super colorful and playful in its own way.

This design shows that you value the life around you. You are well aware of your surroundings and you’re always trying to be positive and happy.

5. Colorful Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Colorful Samurai Sleeve Tattoo
Image Source: @marcelo_tattooist

Half sleeve tattoos are for men who don’t want to look too overpowering with their chosen design. This idea is quite bright, bold, and colorful, and it might cost you a bit more than you’d expect, so heads up.

This samurai idea will show others that you’re fierce and stubborn, yet you know how to overcome small and big issues on your own while being a warrior in the heart.

6. Samurai Head Tattoo Sword Print

Samurai Head Tattoo Sword Print
Image Source: @holdfasttattoostudio

Black and red ink is a common choice for a lot of men and women. If you want to rightfully represent and show off your warrior design you will adore this combo.

You can show the world that you’re a fierce and powerful guy. No one can mess with you, since you know who you are and where your power lays.

Did you know that they had to shave their head just to make their helmet fit more comfortably?!

7. Dramatic & Scary Samurai Sleeve Tattoo

Dramatic & Scary Samurai Sleeve Tattoo
Image Source:

Shoulder tattoos are for guys who are always rocking sleeveless shirts. If you’re someone who is dominant and bold, as well as naturally buff + you workout you will want this samurai print.

Red is a color of power and energy, as well as balance. You will come off looking like a giant who knows how to overcome any big or small challenge.

8. Samurai Helmet Tattoo With Lion Print

Samurai Helmet Tattoo With Lion Print
Image Source: @sandervalentijn

If you’re an animal lover and you think of yourself as the king of the jungle you will appreciate this duo. A samurai and a lion will look so beautiful over your back.

This tattoo shows that you’re in tune with your surroundings and that you know how to stay positive no matter what. You will also look like an actual beast who is always hunting for your prey.

9. Samurai Tattoo With Flowers

Samurai Tattoo With Flowers
Image Source: @stix_millone_tattoo

Those who want something a bit different will enjoy this design with some colorful flowers. It is for men and women who enjoy sweet tattoos.

You can show that you’re a warrior and someone who has that soft and delicate side. Show that you’re in tune with your emotions yet that no one can mess with you.

Fun fact: their armor was made with lacquered plates of metal or leather.

10. Funny Samurai Cat Red Ink

Funny Samurai Cat Red Ink
Image Source: @viernes13_tattoo_collective_

This is another great tattoo for cat lovers and samurai lovers. This color combo is sweet and unusual, ideal for fans of ambitious and energetic tattoos.

Your cat dressed as a samurai will let your surrounding know that you’re a fighter with a heart. You are deeply connected with your closest ones and you love to gift for what is right.

10 Small Samurai Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Leg Samurai Tattoo Design

Leg Samurai Tattoo Design
Image Source: @tristvn_ttt

Knee or leg tattoos are usually quite common among guys. If you’re someone who loves to show off your legs you will enjoy this idea.

Black ink is the best choice for this simple art. Let everyone see you as a fighter who is good at balancing your private and business life and show that you’re a boss at every given moment.

2. Black & White Geisha Samurai Tattoo

Black & White Geisha Samurai Tattoo
Image Source: @valentino_mozzo

If you live for realistic tattoos you will also enjoy this idea. It is black and simple yet done with such precision.

Show the world that you’re a realist and that you’re a person who is always winning in life, but only at your own pace.

Did you know that katanas are nowadays forbidden to own, even in Japan?!

3. Precise Samurai Tattoo Black Ink

Precise Samurai Tattoo Black Ink
Image Source: @rickrogeriotattoo

You can also go for a foot or ankle tattoo. This idea is great for those who enjoy the precision and who are into defined lines.

Show that you can balance your life and your thoughts with your own approach. Everyone will see you as a persistent guy, does this sound like you?

4. Samurai Tattoo Over Back For Guys

Samurai Tattoo Over Back For Guys
Image Source: @libertattoo

Neck tattoos are not that popular. This is because their placement is quite tricky and painful. However, if you can withstand the pain and you’re not afraid of the tattooing process you can easily enjoy this concept.

This idea shows that you’re not afraid of anything or anyone. You can jump in the ring at any given moment and you can get what you want, no matter the cost.

5. Scary Oni Mask Samurai Tattoo

Scary Oni Mask Samurai Tattoo
Image Source: @moonstattoo

Chest tattoos are quite common as placement when it comes to samurai ideas. If you’re a masculine guy you will enjoy this as your next go-to.

This samurai holding a sword is unique since it has that demon vibe. Let the world see that you’re always ready for a good challenge since you’re a little demon yourself, aren’t you?

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6. Forearm Samurai Mask Black Idea

Forearm Samurai Mask Black Idea
Image Source: @bustillostattoo

If you’re a fan of anime and cartoons you will always want and need something similar. It is great for anyone who is personally connected with inner beliefs and emotions.

This idea is unique since it shows the beauty of growing up. Show that you’re always growing and that you can represent all of your emotions with this samurai ink.

Fun fact: samurais were educated and highly-literate.

7. Samurai Tattoo Design Over Forearm Minimalistic

Samurai Tattoo Design Over Forearm Minimalistic
Image Source: @beauty_salon_n74

This forearm tattoo is for those who want something medium-sized and cute. If you’re a fierce warrior and someone who knows how to act and walk with the dignity you will gravitate toward this design.

It shows your powerful and positive side. Make sure that your intentions come through with this design. If you’re a leader and a conquer you can go for this design.

8. Giant Thigh Samurai Tattoo Black Idea

Giant Thigh Samurai Tattoo Black Idea
Image Source: @emde_marek_donocik

Giant thigh tattoos are for those who love to stand out with their choice. If you’re not afraid of tattoos and you love the tattooing process this one will be bearable for you.

You will look like the main character of your story and your journey. Show that you’re stubborn and that you’re always ready to win, no matter the circumstances.

9. Colorful Samurai Helmet Tattoo Print

Colorful Samurai Helmet Tattoo Print
Image Source: @andreahasu

Go for a red samurai since it is a symbol of good deeds and powerful male energy. You will look like a fierce man who is always pushing his limits.

This design won’t take too much of your time to achieve. Once done the tattoo will show your will to find a way and to always overcome new challenges and scary situations.

Did you know that there were also female warriors?!

10. Funny Samurai Mojo Tattoo

Funny Samurai Mojo Tattoo
Image Source: @rudyalvarotattoo

Last, but not least, you can get a funny samurai tattooed over your skin. This is the perfect piece for those who have watched Cartoon Network while growing up, and those who loved the evil character – Mojo Jojo.

Mojo Jojo is looking so stunning, wouldn’t you agree? This idea is for fighters and people who will love cartoons throughout their lifetime. Show that you’re a samurai yet a little kid still at heart.

Samurai Tattoo: More FAQs

1. Who Can Get A Samurai Tattoo?

Samurai tattoos are for anyone who is trying to express their bold side and their way to conquer the world. Men and women can both rock samurai designs, as long as they are natural fighters who know how to get whatever it is that they want.

2. Where To Place Your Samurai Tattoo?

The best placement for your samurai idea is over your chest or your leg. Samurais wear their bruises and their scars proudly, which is why you will enjoy showing off your teeth, literally, to the rest of the world with either chest or leg/knee placement.

3. Does The Tattooing Process Hurt?

These ideas don’t have to hurt too much. If you end up placing the design over the thicker parts of the body (and avoid placements that are close to the bone) you will easily wear any samurai design that we’ve reviewed in this article. If you’re thick-skinned you can easily wear and rock your new samurai tattoo idea.

4. Are These Tattoos Pricey?

You can expect to pay around $200-500 for your new samurai tattoo. The bigger the design, the pricier it is. Also, expect to pay more money for a colorful and bright tattoo that stands out and that is different from the rest.

Back tattoos, for instance, can and will cost a lot more money due to the bigger surface that is used in the tattooing process. Smaller samurai tattoos, such as ankle or foot designs will be a lot more affordable.

5. Where To Find Your Inspiration?

If you’re not too sure what are some other famous samurais or where to get the inspiration from, consider thinking about Samurai Jack (from the Cartoon Network), Jackie Chan (the ultimate warrior that we all loved watching when growing up), as well as any historic characters that you could have watched when growing up or have read about in your historic books.

Commit To Your New Tattoo

In the end, make sure that you let us know which one tattoo is your favorite and a must-have from the list. We have tried to incorporate as many as possible unique and different ideas for everyone’s liking. Our article will suit everyone’s preference and taste, so make sure to let us know which is a must-have tattoo in your opinion, as well as where you plan on placing it over your body.

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